What is the Uterus Lining and How Much Lining Thickness Is Needed for a Pregnancy? 

The uterus lining has two parts. You can imagine two pages of any book and the space that is present between those two pages when the book is closed. 

What is the Uterus Lining?

Similarly, the uterus lining has two parts. One is the front part and one is the back part and in between is what we call as cavity of the uterus, where the embryo and the baby grow. when we measure the thickness of the uterus lining, we measure both the front and the back part together and that is what constitutes as endometrial thickness mentioned in the scan report.

Endometrial thicknesses as low as 4 mm can support the pregnancy. 

The ideal endometrial thickness needed for fertility treatment Purpose is between 8 to 14 mm. 

That in no way means that a thickness that is less than 8 mm or more than 14 mm cannot result in a pregnancy. 

It’s just that studies have shown that when the thickness is between 8 to 14 mm, the pregnancy rate is the best.

2. What Factors Affect the Endometrial Thickness?

The main factors that affect the thickness include, mainly the Estradiol hormone level, the presence of any infection inside the uterus (this can cause adhesion between the front and back layer of the uterus lining), and damage to the base of the endometrium (uterus lining) by a surgical procedure like D and C (uterus cleaning). 

3. What things can help increase the endometrial thickness? 

The bottom line is that adequate estrogen hormone should be present in the body and this hormone should be able to reach the lining of the uterus and attach to the lining and then only it will be able to increase the thickness. so anything that increases the blood flow to the uterus can improve the endometrial thickness because it will deliver more estrogen hormone to the uterus.

These factors are:

– Citrus Fruits like orange, Grapefruit, etc. 

– Pomegranate, watermelon, Berries, Tomatoes

– Vegetables like beetroot, green leafy vegetables

– Fish 

– Exercise: Any type of exercise that increases heart rate will deliver more blood to the uterus and can help in increasing Endometrial thickness. 

4. What to do for Women Where Lining does not Improve with Simple Measures?

– Using different uterus preparation protocols using newer medicines. 

– Vitamin E and Pentoxifyllin can help to improve blood flow in difficult cases. 

– Growth factor / Stem call infusion in the uterus: can help in women where other medicines have not helped. 

Hope this helps whoever needs guidance.

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