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Multiple miscarriages can be deadly and heartbreaking. It puts your entire health at risk. While some couples often ignore it, thinking it to be something normal, it is not. To help you overcome the trauma of multiple miscarriages and treat the condition, you may choose undergo immunotherapy for infertility with Yaami Fertility & IVF Center.

Cost of Immunotherapy in Indore

The immune system is one of the most essential parts of our body. It protects our body against any foreign elements that may be damaging. However, only during pregnancy is it easily bypassed. A compromised immune system will put the mother and the baby at risk. 

The failure of the immune system to protect the body leads to implantation failure and miscarriages. Women suffering from such immune system deficiency are often prone to multiple miscarriages. If you’re facing miscarriages and ignoring them under the garb of being something normal, you must not do so. 

Pushing the problem under the carpet will do no good to your body. Well, there are chances that you may not be able to conceive in the future. If you experience two or more pregnancy losses before the 24th week, you should get a complete evaluation done. Moreover, if the condition is recurrent, it can also indicate immune tolerance dysfunction. 

The cost of the immunotherapy that you opt for would completely depend on your health condition. The doctor may put you on medicines to strengthen your immune system and prevent early miscarriages. The cost of these medicines often determines the price of the overall treatment. 

The average cost of immunotherapydepends on the type of test needed. This can be decided after the consultation with the specialists. You must consider undergoing immunotherapy only if you have faced multiple pregnancy failures. You can consult your doctor to understand the cost involved in the overall treatment.

At Yaami Fertility & IVF Center, before you start your treatment, we’ll find the root cause and administer the treatment accordingly. If the treatment isn’t according to requirements, there will be a risk of failure in future, too. Immunotherapy for infertility is quite expensive, so you must consult your doctor about the success rates. 

At Yaami Fertility & IVF Center, everyone deserves the best. Therefore, our doctors would often recommend to you what is to be done and how much cost will be involved in the overall treatment. Our doctors would recommend the solutions based on your health condition and number of failed pregnancies. Be assured that we maintain transparency in all aspects.

Treatment and Testing of Immunotherapy

Abnormal immune responses might be the underlying reason for many couples with recurrent or repeated miscarriages, IVF, or implantation failures. Targeted therapies are available for such couples, which have given parenthood to many couples who have endured failures for a long time.

Since you’ve undergone multiple pregnancy failures, our main aim at Yaami Fertility & IVF Center would be to administer medicines your body can handle. We often recommend IV usage to enhance uterine receptivity and improve the chances of implantation. 

Our professional doctors prescribe immunoglobulin, intralipid, intrauterine infusion of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, lymphocyte immunotherapy and other immunomodulatory agents to treat the condition. All the medicines and treatments that will be administered to the patient will be done considering their health condition. 

We maintain utmost safety during the treatment to ensure no risk of further miscarriages. Immunotherapy is a long procedure, so you need to be patient before you try for another baby. 

Do not hold the sadness of multiple pregnancy failures; let it be gone and adopt immunotherapy for further treatment and cure. Call us to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Role Of Immunotherapy In Ivf?

Immunotherapy in IVF aims at improving the results due to assisted reproductive technology. It aims to improve ART groups and subgroups by preventing the risk of miscarriage or implantation failure.

How Long After Immunotherapy Can I Get Pregnant?

If you’ve undergone immunotherapy, you may wait at least 2-8 weeks depending on the type of immunotherapy before trying to conceive. During this period, you can take birth control pills after your doctor’s recommendation.

Is Immunotherapy Always Successful?

While immunotherapy can be life-saving as it prevents the risk of multiple miscarriages, it can’t always be successful in getting pregnant. If you’re in the later stages of your reproductive health, your body may not be healthy enough to bear a child, so becoming pregnant might be problematic.

Is Immunotherapy Expensive?

Yes, immunotherapy is an expensive treatment. Before you opt for this treatment, you can consult your doctor about the charges. Moreover, you should also ask them about the success rates.

Can Immunotherapy Be Helpful?

If you’re in prime reproductive health, you should consider opting for immunotherapy. It is a much more secure treatment and would also give your body to heal and regain strength. Moreover, immunotherapy is also an effective treatment as it helps the mind to recover from the trauma of multiple miscarriages before trying for another kid.

Hope this was helpful for basic understanding.

The aim of this discussion is to make anyone with curious mind to understand these condition better. It is not equivalent to detailed in person individualised consultation.

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