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Various factors contribute to male infertility. It is important to undergo advanced semen testing after some time to check the quality of semen. This will also help in determining what is the cause of infertility. You can take advanced semen testing for affordable rates at Yaami Fertility & IVF Center.

Types of Advanced Semen Testing

Advanced semen testing can assess the condition;

based on that, our doctors will start the treatment. 

Some of the prominent types of advanced semen testing that can help to analyse the condition are as follows:

  • Volume: The amount of semen produced is significant. If it is too low, the chances of conception can go down. The doctor can help to assess the condition and suggest treatment accordingly. 
  • Concentration of Sperms: Apart from the volume of semen, it is important to understand the concentration of sperms in the semen. If the sperm are less in count, they won’t be able to fertilise the egg. This can be a problem. Our doctors will check for sperm concentration in the semen to start the advanced procedure. 
  • Motility of sperm: The movement of sperm determines its proper functioning. In some cases of infertility, the sperm may not be able to move in the right direction, which can further cause infertility. As a part of the advanced semen testing, the doctors will perform a sperm motility test. 
  • Vitality of sperm: Sperm vitality determines how soon the eggs can be fertilised because the number of live sperm categorises it. If the sperm isn’t vital enough, the fertilisation chances decrease. Our doctors suggest that at least 60% of them must be alive on average to increase the chances of conception. 
  • Morphology of sperm: Sperm morphology is essential for it determines its functioning. Any disfiguration in the sperm structure can appear to be a huge problem. The lack of proper structure is also one of the major reasons for infertility. 

It is very important that every fertility clinic should have facilities for male fertility evaluation. We offer detailed testing of semen including semen analysis, post centrifugation semen analysis for azoospermia, sperm survival test to note the quality of sperms and sperm viability testing to differentiate between dead and alive sperms in men who have very low motile sperms. These testings guide us to offer the best quality male infertility treatment. Many times, we can do IUI instead of IVF with help of these tests.

At Yaami Fertility & IVF Center, the doctors will conduct a proper cycle of tests to determine the major cause of infertility. The male semen will be analysed in a clinic within a controlled environment to prevent any damage to the sperm. Based on the results received, we will start the treatment. 

Cost of Advanced Semen Testing

The advanced semen test usually helps to detect the cause of infertility. The advanced semen analysis cost isn’t very high. At Yaami Fertility & IVF Center, we have very affordable rates for the analysis. 

If your doctor recommends you undergo the test, we will help you. Based on your discussion with the doctor, we will perform the exact test to help figure out the underlying cause. 

Testing of Advanced Semen

The advanced semen test requires around 2 hours to be completed. Once the test is taken, we will provide you results within 3-4 days, for report generation takes that much time. At Yaami Fertility & IVF Center, we understand the importance of soon report generation. Therefore, if you want your reports earlier, you can raise the request, and our team will try to fast-track the process and provide you with the results soon. 

After receiving and checking the results, the treatment will be started accordingly. However, to overcome infertility, it is advisable to undergo basic lifestyle changes like weight maintenance, giving up alcohol and smoking, exercising and more. The doctor will only be able to discuss these in detail. 

So, schedule an appointment with best IVF doctor in India with Yaami Fertility & IVF Center.

What precautions do I need to take before advanced semen analysis?

Before the advanced semen analysis, you should consider abstinence for 2-3 days.

Why wait for 48 hours for a sperm test?

Waiting for 48 hours for a sperm test is advisable because it helps in generating more accurate results. If you wait too long, you won’t be able to produce a proper sample for testing.

What is the cost of an advanced sperm test?

We have a very affordable advanced sperm test available at Yaami Fertility & IVF Center. You can discuss it with our doctor to know more.

When should I take a sperm test?

It is advisable to take a sperm test in the morning because it will help to produce accurate results.

What is a normal sperm report?

This is likely to vary from person to person. It is best to discuss it with your doctor and then compare it.

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