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This test is to see when is the probable time for egg to get released from the ovary (Ovulation). This is needed for women who try naturally, those who are planning IUI treatment and also in women planning for IVF or ICSI or test tube baby treatment . It is performed using an internal scan (transvaginal ultrasound) to measure the growth rate of the follicle,which is a water filled structure in the ovary which contains the egg. This scan is done starting from day 2 of starting of periods in women who are trying naturally or IUI and is then performed at a regular interval. It helps in knowing the good time to try naturally,to do IUI and also to take the eggs our for IVF or ICSI. The follicular growth may need some medications in women who are undergoing IUI. The IUI cost may vary from 10000 INR to 30,000 INR or more. Giving tablets instead of injections for follicular growth can keep the IUI treatment cost low.

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