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Genetic Testing for Male Fertility

These testings are necessary for men with no sperms in semen testing (azoospermia). It is important to get these testings in men with no sperms in the semen testing due to low sperm production (Non obstructive azoospermia) since they guide the fertility specialist regarding male infertility treatment. There are 2 main type of genetic tests for male infertility : Y chromosome microdeletion (YCMD) and Karyotyping or chromosomal analysis. In certain type of abnormalities in YCMD, there is no chance of getting sperms even with surgery like TESA or Micro TESE and so,there is no point in wasting one’s money in these surgeries. Karyotyping can help us diagnose a condition known as Klinefelter’s syndrome in which, even with small size testis,there is good chance of getting sperms with surgery.

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