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Expert Embryo Genetic Testing in Indore

A powerful technology, embryo genetic testing is helpful for people undergoing the IVF or In-vitro fertilisation treatment process. A few, precisely about five cells, are taken in the biopsy process from an embryo. The genetic formation of the cells obtained is analysed or assessed in a laboratory. Before transferring the embryos, screening is done by checking all 23 pair of chromosomes. Genetically healthy and normal embryos are usually selected after testing to transfer to women’s uterus to help them conceive a child.

Types Of Embryo Genetic Testing

Three types of embryo genetic testing can be performed, including the following:

1. Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A)

PGT-A is a process that analyses an embryos’ health. This process analyses an embryo’s health by screening the presence of abnormal chromosomes in an embryo. This test decreases the risk of miscarriages and has increased the potential for women to get pregnant during the IVF cycle. It also ensures that the healthy embryos that can develop will be transferred to the uterus.

PGT-A is helpful for women with multiple/recurrent failed IVF or multiple/recurrent miscarriages or women with advanced age whose eggs are of inferior quality or have high numbers of genetically abnormal eggs. The embryos produced by the eggs of these women have a higher tendency to have genetic errors.  

Alternative to embryo biopsy : A newer modality known as Non-Invasive PGT-A is available in which the culture media in which the embryo grows is sent for testing of the chromosomes of the embryo. This modality is still in nascent stage and is inferior to the embryo biopsy since the results are not as reliable as embryo biopsy.

2. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

The latest terminology for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is PGT-M. This test analyses genetic disorders, such as illnesses linked to or caused by one gene or single-gene disorders. Single-gene disorders need both partners to be abnormal gene carriers. Such parents are likely (25% chance) to pass their disorder to their child.

PGT-M can screen for Huntington’s disease, Thalassemia, sickle cell anaemia, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, and more than four hundred different single-gene disorders. This evaluation ensures that the disorder may not affect the child in the future and tests if it would harm the baby or foetus. Genetic defects are also screened through this diagnosis that has the potential to cause specific illness, such as BRCA-1.

PGT-M aims to prevent people from heritable illnesses by creating multiple embryos through IVF and testing them for presence or absence of the specific disease. Some embryos may not inherit the undesired gene, while others may. Therefore, this evaluation helps transfer only specific embryos that do not carry the gene with specific disorders. Many couples don’t try for a pregnancy as they are scared of the abnormal gene getting transmitted to their child. PGT-M is a boon for all such couples.

3. Preimplantation Genetic testing - Structural Rearrangement (PGT-SR)

PGT-SR test the chromosomes of the embryo for structural chromosomal rearrangements in which a part of a chromosome attaches to a part of another chromosome. This increases the chances of miscarriages. 

This issue is detected when the couple or the individual undergoes a blood test – chromosomal analysis or karyotyping.

It is possible by PGT-SR to detect such abnormalities in the embryo and then select an embryo which does not have such abnormality and transfer it.

Cost Of Pre-implantation Genetic Testing

The approximate pre-implantation genetic testing is from 20,000 INR to 60,000 INR based on the type of test needed. This test is completed entirely in about four to six weeks.

Steps of Treatment/Testing Of Embryo Genetic Testing

Pre-implantation genetic screening and diagnosis are usually performed during the IVF treatment process. The specialists advise you if you are likely to have a genetic disorder or may have abnormal cells. The process of testing is as follows:

Yaami Infertility and IVF Center For Embryo Genetic Testing in Indore

Yaami Infertility and IVF Center are among the best clinics with equipped genetics laboratories to help patients undergo embryo genetic testing. Our specialists carefully obtain embryos during biopsy, examine them, and provide the results in the shortest period. The experts carefully examine the testing process to place healthy embryos and make the patient’s journey to extend their family successful.

Our genetic testing laboratory has all the required high-tech instruments and equipment. The tests are performed and examined by a professional team of specialists and are proficient in helping people achieve conceiving.

You can book an appointment at the centre and get valuable advice from the specialists to undergo embryo genetic testing. They will help you inform and advise the best process to undergo testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is embryo genetic testing done?

Embryo testing is done to choose healthy embryos and diagnose specific genetic disorders.

How many days does it take to perform embryo genetic testing?

Embryo testing generally takes two to six weeks after the biopsy.

Are there any risks involved with embryo genetic testing?

The biopsy process for embryo genetic testing has extremely low chance of embryo damage.

Is embryo genetic testing safe?

Embryo genetic testing is safe when done under the observance of specialists and experts.

At which age women are suggested to undergo embryo genetic testing?

Women over 35 are often suggested to undergo embryo testing since the abnormality in their embryos is usually highe at this age.

Hope this was helpful for basic understanding.

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