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DNA fragmentation is the abnormal genetic material present in the sperm or DNA strands’ separation or fragmentation. Vast information is carried within sperm, and the integration of genetic material to remain in sperm cells is crucial to conceiving. The test which checks the DNA damage to the sperms is known as DNA fragmentation index or DFI.

The DNA of the sperm can get damaged in various conditions like men who smoke, men with varicocele, couples with repeated miscarriages or repeated IVF failures and many people without any known problems. If the DNA gets damaged, the chance of natural pregnancy and pregnancy through IUI or IVF treatment decreases.

DNA fragmentation may lead to miscarriages, IVF failure, and male subfertility. Infertile males are more likely to have increased DNA fragmentation than the fertile ones. Oxidative stress is the primary cause of DNA fragmentation due to environmental pollution, genetic factors, unhealthy diet, stress, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, high testicular temperature, and infection.  

So in such cases, the infertility doctor or the infertility specialist needs to correct the cause of high DNA damage to Sperms, give medication to improve DNA damage, and in some instances, use the sperms directly from the testis as these Sperm are known to have lesser DNA damage. These corrections in DNA damage are essential for couples undergoing IUI treatment, IVF treatment or IVF cycle (also known as test tube baby treatment), and ICSI treatment.

Cost Of DNA Fragmentation Testing in Indore

The cost of a DNA fragmentation test depends on the patient’s health condition and various other factors. However, the approximate cost of the test is 7500 INR.

DNA Fragmentation Testing

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Standard embryo development and successful fertilisation necessitate the sperm’s genetic integrity. Semen analysis or sperm examinations, conventional sperm testing for morphology examination, motility assessment, and sperm concentration are not helpful for molecular-level sperm examination. DNA fragmentation is the successful testing or evaluation for molecular-level sperm testing.

DNA fragmentation test gives complete facts associated with sperm’s genetic integrity to commence fertilization effectively. There are various types of tests available which evaluates the percentage of abnormal DNA  in the sperm. Normally, less than 15-25 % of sperms should have an abnormal DNA. It is among the most effective and efficient examinations to measure DNA damage.

The abnormal DNA fragmentation could lead to many problems in conceiving due to the following reasons :

  • Recurrent miscarriage 
  • Multiple failures of ICSI/ IVF treatments or procedures
  • Poor parameters of semen
  • Poor development of Blastocyst
  • Arrested development of Embryo

DNA Fragmentation Treatment

  • Every condition that results in DNA fragmentation in sperm cannot be treated effectively. Lifestyle and dietary changes are often helpful when damage is due to oxidative stress. 
  • Antioxidants are often beneficial in reducing the DNA damage to the sperms.
  • Advanced sperm selection procedures like ICSI with Hyaluronic acid, sperm sorting and Microfluidics can also help in filtering out sperms with abnormal DNA and increasing the probability of selecting sperms with normal DNA.
  • ICSI or IVF treatment is suggested after testicular sperm aspiration to prevent further damage due to ejaculation.
  • Antibiotics are suggested for bacterial infection.
  • Repairing varicocele surgically may reduce fragmentation and improve DNA integrity in the sperm.

Infertility And IVF Center For DNA Fragmentation

Yaami Infertility and IVF Center provides dedicated services, and higher priority and accuracy is provided in DNA fragmentation tests in the facility. It analyses the risk of recurrence and progression of the disorder, guides the decision to avail of specific treatments or processes, and examines the risks in patients in disease development through transformative testing.

Yaami Infertility and IVF Center will assist in getting the DNA fragmentation testing. You can contact the experts quickly by visiting their site. Their services are accessible in Indore, and the booking or consultation for DNA fragmentation can be quickly done. The testing process is easy, confidential, secure, and safe. 

Our highly skilled professional will collect the sample per the booked slot and timings. You may contact the expert staff to learn more about DNA fragmentation testing and schedule the testing.

The highest quality of care and treatment is available at Yaami Infertility and IVF Center, which offers the most sophisticated, advanced, and effective treatment solutions for each infertility issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How are the DNA fragmentation test results rated?

  • Equal to or less than 15% DFI- Excellent to good.
  • Less than 25% or greater than 15% DFI- Good to fair.
  • Less than 50% or equal to or greater than 25% 25% DFI- Fair to poor.
  • Equal to or greater than 50% DFI- Very poor.

Q2. What is the reason for DNA fragmentation?

Many studies indicate that airborne pollution and diet are some of the specific environmental factors that result in DNA fragmentation in sperm. However, smoking, drinking, and many other lifestyle choices also lead to oxidative stress in the sperm cells.

Q3. Is pregnancy possible with DNA fragmentation?

Pregnancy is possible with DNA fragmentation by utilising advanced artificial reproductive techniques.

Q4. What does the high and low sperm DNA fragmentation denote?

Sperm is unhealthy or poor when sperm DNA fragmentation is high, while the sperm is healthy or good when the sperm DNA fragmentation is low.

Q5. Which foods can reduce DNA fragmentation in sperm?

Men who intake more whole grains, fish, vegetables, and fruits or are health conscious have less sperm DNA damage.

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