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Male fertility treatment is significant for people with low chances of making their partners conceive a child. It often occurs in men who have issues with sperm delivery or sperm production. Producing healthy and mature sperm that may travel or swim efficiently is based on several factors. A few problems may prevent the sperm from travelling or reaching the egg. Scrotum temperature may also affect fertility. A few primary causes of male infertility include hormones, medication, obstruction, immunologic infertility, retrograde ejaculation, varicoceles, or sperm disorders.

The specialist may need to examine a few things to determine the cause of male infertility and suggest the best male fertility treatment in Indore. Diagnosing the problem may help the specialist identify the root cause and choose the treatment.

Low Or Nil Sperm Count

Issues about sperm quality can be the sole cause of infertility in 20-30% of infertility cases and contribute to 40- 50% of cases of infertility overall.

Further evaluation when the sperm count is low :

  • 1 more repeat semen analysis as per WHO 2021 guidelines
  • Post-ejaculation urine analysis ( in a few cases )
  • Male hormones evaluation: Testosterone, FSH, LH, TSH, Prolactin
  • Specialized test Sperm vitality (to check if the sperms are alive when the sperm motility is low)
  • Genetic test
  • Karyotype, Y chromosome microdeletion
  • Parallel evaluation of wife for fertility status

Low Or Nil Sperm Motility

When a couple tries for natural pregnancy, sperm must be motile ( have movement ) to reach the egg. Only then can the pregnancy happen. It is becoming extremely common to see men with reduced sperm motility. As a Reproductive Medicine specialist, we need first to find out the reason for the lower or nil motility of sperm. This may include genetic causes, varicocele, infections and smoking, among many other things. We also test for hormonal parameters and give targeted therapy to improve sperm motility. It is a known fact that this condition can reduce IUI and IVF success. It is common to see such couples going for more than 1 IVF cycle. Such issues may increase the IVF cost and hence should be tackled beforehand.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

  • ICSI is an advanced modification of IVF to fertilise an egg with sperm 
  • During ICSI, each oocyte is held & injected individually with selected sperm by the trained embryologist
  • That is why the term ICSI- Intra Cytoplasmic ( of oocyte here ) Sperm Injection is used

ICSI is preferred over IVF in the following cases:

  • Women with a low number of eggs.
  • Men with a very low number of sperm.
  • Men with poor sperm quality.
  • Men with poor sperm motility.
  • Men with perm retrieved after TESA / micro TESA in cases of azoospermia.
  • Couple with previous partial or total fertilisation failure.
  • Couple using frozen sperms.

Cost of ICSI

ICSI costs approximately 2,40,000 INR to 2,50,000 INR for each cycle.

Semen Freezing

The semen sample can be frozen by vitrification, which is a method of fast freezing and has a very good chance of sperm survival. There are many conditions which might require semen freezing. A few examples are – if the husband cannot collect the semen sample (erectile dysfunction) and if the husband is going to be out of town during IUI or IVF treatment. In such cases, the frozen sample can be utilised for the procedure. One should always discuss these with their IVF doctor or IVF expert if they are undergoing an IVF or in vitro fertilisation cycle.

Cost of Semen Freezing

The cost of semen freezing is approximately 10,000 INR to 15,000 INR for each year.

TESA/PESA (Sperm Retrieval)

These are methods of surgical sperm retrieval. Both procedures are done under anaesthesia and are usually very well tolerated by the patient. In PESA, the needle is put into the epididymis, which is the storage area of the sperms, and the fluid of the epididymitis is aspirated and checked under the microscope for the presence of sperms. In TESA, a needle is put into the testicle, and the testicular tissue is aspirated and checked for the presence of sperm. If sperms are present, these can be utilised for ICSI

Cost of TESA/PESA (Sperm Retrieval)

The cost of TESA/ PESA (Sperm Retrieval) is approximately 21,000 INR to 85,000 INR for each cycle.

Micro TESE

This is an advanced method of surgical sperm retrieval. This is typically done for the most difficult cases of non-obstructive azoospermia. If done properly, this gives a good chance of getting sperm in such men and their genetic child. This type of surgery is complex one that needs an experienced and very competent Embryologist to look for sperm. It is offered only at very advanced levels or top IVF centres. We are one such top IVF centre in Indore whose fertility specialists have the experience of Micro TESE since 2012 and have achieved excellent success rates. We have published 2 research papers on this as well. 

Cost of Micro TESE

Micro TSE costs approximately 50,000 INR to 60,000 INR for each cycle.

Hormonal Therapy for Sperm Production

The sperm production is dependent on the blood hormone levels. Manipulating these blood hormone levels by giving the correct medication is a good way to increase sperm production in men with low or nil sperm counts. We might need to give more than one medication and sometimes injections to achieve success. We have succeeded in over 1000 men with such male infertility treatment protocols. The IVF treatment cost can be kept low in many couples since we can get sperms for the IVF cycle in the ejaculate itself and thus avoid the operation to get sperms. For this reason, each infertility clinic and infertility specialist should offer such treatment to their patients.

Cost of Hormonal Therapy for Sperm Production

The cost of Hormonal Therapy for Sperm Production is approximately 50,000 INR to 60,000 INR for each cycle.

Yaami Infertility And IVF Center

Yaami Infertility and IVF Center is a hope for people who believe they will never conceive a child. Many infertility treatment options are accessible at the centre, making people succeed in conceiving. Our specialists analyse the patient’s complete history, suggest to undergo specific tests, and advise male fertility treatment. Although a few fertility issues are not treatable, the specialist suggests patients get a child through surrogacy or sperm donors.

The centre is equipped with the best laboratories, state-of-the-art technology, and equipment that improve the success rate and potentiality for favourable treatment for the treatment suggested for male infertility issues. Couples can start a family by getting advice about their infertility and treatment at this well-known and best infertility and IVF centre in Indore.

Hope this was helpful for basic understanding.

The aim of this discussion is to make anyone with curious mind to understand these condition better. It is not equivalent to detailed in person individualised consultation.

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