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Recurrent Miscarriages

Many women suffer from pregnancy loss either after natural pregnancy or after IUI treatment or test tube baby treatment. There are 2 main reasons for these miscarriages – Embryo related or uterus related. While nearly 70% of initial 2-3 miscarriages are due to embryo related factors – an abnormal DNA or chromosomal composition, a fertility specialist need to evaluate all the possible factors that can cause miscarriage. This will include some blood tests for the couples, a detailed ultrasound including 3D ultrasound and hysteroscopy if needed. The other tests may be indicated on case to case basis. Please speak to your Gynaecologist / Obstetrician or fertility clinic for knowing which type of tests would be needed in your case. Once the tests are done, some couples might need a targeted treatment to reduce the chances of further miscarriages while others might need empirical therapies which in our experience as fertility specialists, has given good results.

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