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Although sperm donors do sperm freezing, others also bank their sperm that are not presently prepared to conceive and are determined to have it in the future. Cryopreservation or sperm freezing is the sperm banking process to help individuals preserve or bank their potential of getting pregnant naturally at a later age, precisely when they may undergo specific medical treatments or procedures or if the testes of the partner are in a highly risky activity or profession.

There are many conditions which might require semen freezing. Few examples are – if the husband is not able to collect the semen sample (erectile dysfunction) and if the husband is going to be out of the town during IUI or IVF treatment. In such cases, the frozen sample can be utilised for the procedure. One should always discuss these with their IVF doctor or IVF expert if they are undergoing an IVF or in vitro fertilisation.

Types Of Semen Freezing:

The two common methods used to freeze sperm in the laboratory are the following: 

1. Slow Freezing:

Cryoprtectant’s small amount is added in a sample of sperm, the cooling temperature of which is -196⁰C. During cooling, the actual dehydration occurs. Ice masses that contain crystalline water are formed at a certain point.

2. Vitrification Or Ultra-Rapid Freezing:

The semen sample can be frozen by vitrification, which is a method of fast freezing and has a perfect chance of sperm survival. It is a process where the crystal is not formed, and semen is converted into a solid. The vitrification process involves adding cryo-protectants. Vitrification is crucial since it avoids the formation of ice crystals that may damage frozen embryos.

Cost Of Semen Freezing:

The cost of semen freezing is about 10,000 INR to 15,000 INR for each year. One-time analytic testing costs 2,500 INR.

Process Of Semen Freezing:

Embryos are frozen at any stage after or during the pronuclear stage (one cell), including or up to the blastocyst stage, i.e., five to seven days after fertilisation. Various embryo development stages employ various protocols, freezing solutions, and cryoprotectants. It is a preservation technique that freezes and stores sperm in liquid nitrogen at -196⁰C temperature to use in the future to fertilise an egg.

An in-depth screening for HCV, HBV, HIV, and others is required to avoid the potentiality of STIs or sexually transmitted infections. Sperm must be stored for about ten years and may be extended to fifty-five years if needed. However, the Andrologist will evaluate the sperm condition in any vials and determine if the freezing time can be extended.

Documentation is also done for the process, and you would be advised to avoid intercourse for a couple of days before sperm freezing. A private room is used to provide sperm for banking in a fertility clinic. It helps in freezing fresh sperm since they are frozen within a couple of minutes of ejaculation.

The sample is then analysed for its movement, shape, and quantity to determine if more samples are needed. Multiple vials are used to separate samples and frozen in a laboratory. A surgical retrieval is required when you cannot ejaculate or sperm are absent in the sample. Sperm is directly removed from testicles by a health professional.

Yaami Infertility And IVF Center For Semen Freezing: 

Sperm freezing is the best choice for people who want to have a child naturally but at a later stage of life, precisely when you are undergoing specific treatments or surgeries, working in a hazardous profession, or getting older. It would help if you talked to a fertility specialist at Yaami Infertility and IVF Center when considering sperm freezing.

Our specialists will inform you about the semen freezing options available and the best one for you. Sperm freezing is done in our well-equipped laboratory through experts who carefully examine sperm and store it to help you conceive in the future.

Is it useful to freeze sperm?

Sperm freezing is helpful for people who want to have a child at a later age.

What is the process of sperm freezing?

Sperm freezing is done at a constant -196⁰C temperature.

For how long should you not have sex before sperm freezing?

You must not have sex for about four to five days before sperm freezing.

Does sperm freezing damage sperm function?

A few studies indicate that sperm freezing may damage sperm function.

How many sperm samples should be frozen?

A minimum of two samples must be frozen to increase the thawing chances of a viable sample.

Hope this was helpful for basic understanding.

The aim of this discussion is to make anyone with curious mind to understand these condition better. It is not equivalent to detailed in person individualised consultation.

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