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Egg Freezing

This is a type of fertility treatment in which the eggs are taken out of the ovaries and frozen at -196 degree Celsius. The eggs remain in their original state and can be used for IVF process after weeks, months or years. It is a strategy which is commonly used in unmarried young women who are not planning for marriage in near future due to various reasons like career considerations, not able to get the “right man”, but wish to preserve their fertility etc. It is indicated in such scenarios since the egg numbers keep declining with age and so, after 30 years age, it becomes important for giving this as an option in this group of patients. It is also used for medical indications like young women or girls who have been recently diagnosed with cancer and have to undergo treatment for the same. Since treatment of cancer can damage the egg number, freezing the eggs helps in “fertility preservation” for these young women. Egg freezing is also used in other scenarios like when husband is not able to procure semen sample on the day of IVF or in women with very low egg number as a part of strategy of egg accumulation. These days, egg freezing will be available in all the top IVF center or the top best test tube baby center. This facility is amongst the one very important things which every patient should be looking for when they are searching for the “IVF center near me”.

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