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3rd Party Reproduction & Gestational Surrogacy

Third party reproduction involves use of donor sperm, donor egg or  donor embryo to conceive  or taking help of gestational surrogate to carry the pregnancy.

The couple who will raise the baby after delivery are called ‘Intended Parents’.

The person who will donate the sperm, egg, embryo or carry the pregnancy is the ‘Third Party’.

Third party reproduction involves teamwork of your fertility physician, psychological counsellor, gamete donor agencies, gestational surrogacy agency, social worker & lawyer.

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  • Ovarian failure in cases of cancer treatment with radiation, chemotherapy or surgical removal of the ovaries.
  • Carrier of serious genetic diseases.
  • Advanced age & menopausal women.
  • Poor quality embryos during previous IVF cycles due to poor quality eggs.
  • Men with azoospermia with failed surgical sperm retrieval.
  • Carrier of serious genetic diseases.
  • Poor quality embryos during previous IVF cycles due to poor sperm quality.
  • Woman who does not have a uterus since birth or have undergone surgical removal of uterus.
  • Woman who has a serious health risk in carrying pregnancy.
  • In few selected cases with history of recurrent miscarriage or IVF failure.
  • You should discuss about other possible ways of biological parenthood.
  • Try to gather all information about 3rd party reproduction.
  • Don’t keep your concerns to yourself.
  • Ask the team of professionals involved in your case.
  • Keep all documents.
  • Ask for transparency in all steps of the treatment.

Hope this was helpful for basic understanding.

The aim of this discussion is to make anyone with curious mind to understand these condition better. It is not equivalent to detailed in person individualised consultation.

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