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This is one of the correctable causes of male infertility and so the best fertility clinics or the top fertility specialists would always look for this condition in men who are coming for infertility treatment.

It is a condition in which the blood vessels which take the blood from the testicles to the heart become dilated due to which the blood is not carried away from the testicles in adequate amount. This leads to pulling of blood around the testicles and rise in the temperature of the testicles.

Since the testicles require a lower temperature for proper functioning, the sperm production gets hampered leading to lower sperm count ,lower quality of sperm along with lower motility. This condition can be diagnosed by a proper physical examination during the male fertility testing and also ultra sound of the scrotum.

In our fertility clinic at Indore, we routinely see men who have had failed IUI or failed IVF or test tube baby treatment having varicocele and this may contribute to the failure of fertility treatment.

Types of Varicocele Treatment

1. Open Varicocelectomy 

The typical method of treating Varicocele involves making an incision in the belly or the groyne area. Blood flow is diverted to other, healthier veins by tying off the faulty vein. It is the cheapest and least risky way to treat Varicocele.

2. Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy

A laparoscope is used during this surgical operation to obtain a clear image of the blood arteries and other internal organs. Varicocele ligation through laparoscopy is another name for it. The laparoscope and other surgical tools are inserted through several incisions around the abdomen region. For precise results, the vein is ligated directly from the abdomen. 

Although there is a chance that a hydrocele could form following surgery, it is significantly less risky than open varicocelectomy. Laparoscopic surgery is, therefore, slightly more expensive than open surgery.

3. Microscopic Varicocelectomy 

Through an incision no bigger than a keyhole, this minimally invasive surgical treatment enables the doctor to treat Varicocele. After making the incision around the abdomen or scrotum, a microscope is used to spot the bloated, bulging, and twisted vein. After that, the vein is correctly tied up without endangering the other blood vessels. It costs more than other surgical treatments because it is one of the safest techniques for treating Varicocele. 

4. Varicocele Embolization 

Embolisation is regarded as a varicocele therapy option that is non-invasive. It entails inserting tiny coils into the vein in the groyne to stop the veins from causing Varicocele. With the aid of a catheter and imaging guidance, it can be completed without making an incision. Children and patients who have already undergone varicocele surgery but had unsatisfactory results are better candidates for this approach. It can be costly because it is a non-invasive treatment for Varicocele. 

Cost of Varicocele Treatment in Indore

Varicocele surgery costs might change depending on several circumstances, such as:

  • Fees for the vascular surgeon’s consultations
  • Selecting a hospital room
  • Preoperative diagnostic test costs
  • What kind of varicocele surgery should be done?
  • Anaesthesia and other surgical supplies are expensive.
  • Charges for postoperative consultation
  • The price of postoperative medications and care

Yaami Fertility and IVF Center is the top choice for Varicocele surgery. Our doctors have a high success rate and have performed numerous surgeries. They are proficient in using modern technology and delivering the best results. You can consult our doctors to diagnose and treat Varicocele.

What should a varicocele not be used for?

If you have Varicocele, you should avoid excess refined carbs, added sugar, canned and salty foods, and vices like drinking alcohol and smoking.

Can I exercise despite having Varicocele?

Even while exercise can be beneficial for your condition, you should avoid overstretching your body as this could make the pain and inflammation worse. Avoid lifting weights because it puts more pressure on your leg veins and could worsen your problem.

What limitations apply following varicocele surgery?

After surgery, you shouldn’t lift anything heavier than 10 pounds (4.5 kilogrammes) for around seven days. It could be a toddler, a bulky backpack or briefcase,  bulky milk and grocery bags, bags for dog food or cat litter or even a vacuum cleaner. Find out from your doctor when you can resume driving.

Is the surgery for Varicocele risky?

It is a secure and successful treatment for varicoceles and the sterility they cause. 90% of procedures are successful. Because the lymphatics are not used in the surgery, hydrocele rarely happens. Because the arteries are not involved in the procedure, testicular artery damage is unlikely to happen.

After varicocele surgery, can I lead a regular life?

You can have a little groyne ache for three to six weeks after surgery. Your groyne and scrotum may be swollen and bruised. This will end in around three to four weeks. You should be able to resume your normal activities or go back to work after microscopic surgery in 2 to 3 days, depending on your line of employment.

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