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This is one of the correctable causes of male infertility and so the best fertility clinics or the top fertility specialists would always look for this condition in men who are coming for infertility treatment.It is a condition in which the blood vessels which take the blood from the testicles to the heart become dilated due to which the blood is not carried away from the testicles in adequate amount. This leads to pulling of blood around the testicles and rise in the temperature of the testicles. Since the testicles require a lower temperature for proper functioning, the sperm production gets hampered leading to lower sperm count ,lower quality of sperm along with lower motility. This condition can be diagnosed by a proper physical examination during the male fertility testing and also ultra sound of the scrotum. In our fertility clinic at Indore, we routinely see men who have had failed IUI or failed IVF or test tube baby treatment having varicocele and this may contribute to the failure of fertility treatment.

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