What’s The Success Rate of The Second IVF After One Failed Cycle?

Second IVF Cycle Success Rates: Hope After a Failed Attempt

The success rate mainly depends on the cause of failure of the first IVF cycle. 

There can be various causes that could contribute to IVF failure. Broadly there are two categories. 

The first one is due to the embryonic cause which means that the DNA of the embryo would have an abnormality due to which the embryo did not implant. This contributes to nearly 80% of all IVF failures.

The second main cause is due to the uterus when the uterus does not allow the embryo to implant due to abnormality in the lining, blood flow, receptors, or the presence of an excessive number of abnormal cells in the uterus line.

Uterus cleaning is basically what in medical terminology is known as endometrial scratching. It has been widely practiced since 2010 but later on, it was shown that there is no beneficial effect in most of the patients in some research it has also been shown to reduce the chances of pregnancy. So I don’t suggest getting it done.

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The Second Question Requested by One Patient: (Can Uterus Cleaning Contribute to Successful Implantation?)

If one is getting pregnant (not only once) with letrozole and ovulation injection but does not have any live births Do you suggest continuing with letrozole or moving forward with IVF?

if pregnancy is happening and it is not progressing to give a child, then it looks like a problem that could be related to the uterus.

The uterus needs to be completely evaluated regarding any corrections that are needed. We also need to do certain blood testing which may include blood testing of the husband along with the wife to check whether there is any antigen compatibility issue that could lead to a failed pregnancy. 

There is nothing additional we are going to gain from doing IVF. 

It is better to try again with Letrozole and Natural Pregnancy.

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