How Does Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy Affect Pregnancy?

Many times, couples come to our fertility center curious about HLT, a treatment option we frequently discuss. They seek to understand its impact and effectiveness in treating infertility.

We are committed to providing clear and comprehensive information to help our patients make informed decisions. But they often have related questions like:

How does HLT affect the wife?

How effective is HLT in infertility?

Can HLT help if the wife gets repeated negative results of IVF?

So How Does Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy Affect Pregnancy?

HLT or husband lymphocyte transfer,  also known as LIT or lymphocyte immunization therapy refers to immunological treatment aimed either at improving chances of pregnancy in women with previous Failed IVF or chances of reducing miscarriage rate in women with previous multiple miscarriages. 

The basic fundamental behind this is that the embryo has cells of both husband and wife. So the uterus of the wife can reject the embryo since it considers the husband’s cells present in the embryo as a foreign body. 

We have to do certain blood tests to determine which patient is going to get benefit with which kind of lymphocyte immunization therapy.

Once we have done the testing and formulated a plan, the husband’s blood is taken, and certain cells are separated, concentrated, purified, and injected into the wife’s body to reduce the chance of embryo rejection in the future. 

We have seen more than 50% of patients who have either failed IVF or repeated miscarriages getting benefit from LIT.

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