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Why Choose Us

Yaami Fertility is the one-stop solution for couples having issues with fertility

We are practicing reproductive medicine for last 17 + years.We both are renowned names in training infertility specialist in India & abroad (UAE/UK/Africa).

We have state of art embryology lab & other fertility facilities.

We are very proud to say that our success rates in terms of take home baby rates from 1 IVF-ICSI cycle has been in range of 50-60%, which is one of the best in the world considering the fact that these rates are in couples using their own eggs and sperms.

Extensive experience of treating difficult cases:

We have unparalleled experience of treating difficult cases especially the ones who have suffered IVF failures previously and have lost all hopes of becoming parents.
We have treated following difficult cases with their own egg & sperm :

1. We have state of art embryology lab & other fertility facilities.

2. Azoospermia with previously failed treatment.

3. 46 year old lady with previous failed IVF

4. Woman with previous 9 abortion

5. Couple with genetic diseases – like Citrullinemia, Multiple exostosis , cardiomyopathy etc.

6. Ovarian cancer survivor woman with very low ovarian reserve.

7. Leukaemia survivor man with azoospermia.

8. Couple with RIF, who had failed even 4 donor IVF cycle outside.

9. Women with very thin endometrial lining.

Transparent & ethical Practice:

Another factor which we have pride on is that we offer utmost transparency about procedure & expected outcome in all the patients whom we treat.

Tailor made treatment regimens:

We do not believe in one treatment fits all approach.

When it’s comes to fertility treatment we need to evaluate husband & wife together as they are 2 different individuals with different age, genetic makeup, physical fitness, different personal and professional commitments & even different outlook towards parenthood

Let us take few examples of tailor made treatment.

1. Not everyone needs IVF and we know that well.

2. Similarly, not all patients undergoing test tube baby treatment need ICSI. In fact, doing ICSI for all might be detrimental and so we choose which patient needs IVF and which needs ICSI.

3. Many woman who are already above 40 years of age can conceive with own oocytes.