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Ovaluation Induction

  • Ovulation Induction aims at correcting ovulation disorder.
  • First step is correction of any condition causing ovulation problem like thyroid , prolactin or adrenal hormonal issues ,extremes of body weight etc.
  • Fertility drugs called ovulogens are given to induce growth of ovarian follicles containing eggs.
  • These medicines are commonly oral tablets ( like letrozole , clomiphene citrate & tamoxiphene citrate ) or sometimes gonadotrophin hormone injection ( Recombinant FSH/urinary FSH)
  • Usually Ovulation Induction treatment is done for 3-4 cycles.
Who can benefit from Ovulation Induction :
  • Women with PCOD -the aim is to induce ovulation of 1 follicle.
  • Woman with unexplained infertility- the aim is to induce growth of 2-3 follicles.
  • Couple who are advised to undergo IUI.
What to expect during Ovulation Induction :
  • Ultrasound on day 2/3 of period to rule out any ovarian cyst.
  • Fertility medicines are started from day 2-5 of menstrual cycle.
  • Follicular monitoring ultrasounds from day 8 of period in 1st OI cycle .It is repeated once in 2-3 days.
  • Ovulation trigger with injection of HCG( Human chorionic gonadotrophin ) is given once the follicle size is 18-20 mm.
  • Regular sexual intercourse is encouraged during fertile period
  • If IUI was advised , it is done on the day of ovulation
  • Urine pregnancy test with home testing kit 14 days after ovulation.
Success rate after OI :

- Usually 8- 16 % success after 1 cycle of OI is expected.

- It depends on many factors like underlying pathology , age of woman , semen quality & duration of infertility , condition of fallopian tubes etc.

Hope this was helpful for basic understanding .The aim of this discussion is to make anyone with curious mind to understand these condition better .It is not equivalent to detailed in person individualised consultation .Please contact us if you want to understand your treatment options.